Calendar: First Quarter 2022 Training Schedule


Calling African open access journal editors and publishers! Joint webinar series run by AJOL, ASSAf, DOAJ, EIFL, LIBSENSE and UCT on Thursdays at 10:00 GMT from February 10th to March 24th, 2022. Unless otherwise indicated, the first part of each webinar will be offered in English and there will be a switch to the French language for the second part.

Webinar 1: DOAJ Introduction and Overview

Tom Olijhoek and Judith Barnsby (DOAJ) will talk on why it is important to be indexed in DOAJ and how to get indexed, including open access compliance, the journal application process and submission form, DOAJ criteria for inclusion and common reasons for rejection.

  • Date and time: Thursday, 10 Feb at 10:00 GMT (duration: 1.5 hour).

  • Registration: Please register here

Webinar 2: Open Access Journals Editorial Processes and Business Models

Louise van Heerden, Susan Veldsman (ASSAf) and Susan Murray (AJOL) will talk about editorial processes: peer review, editorial quality, editorial board, routinely screening article submissions for plagiarism and business models. Journal Publishing Practices and Standards (JPPS) framework and evaluations will also be presented and discussed. Presentations will be in English with French subtitles

Webinar 3: Copyright and Licensing in Open Access Journals

Tom Olijhoek and Judith Barnsby (DOAJ) will talk about the copyright licensing issues in African applications to DOAJ. Susan Murray (AJOL) will explain and encourage using Creative Commons licenses to avoid these issues.

Webinar 4: Open Access Journals Best Practices

Ina Smith (ASSAf) and Thomas Mboa (University of Yaoundé II) will talk about Open Access and Archiving policies, DOIs, ORCIDs and other persistent identities, how the journal could comply with I4OC standards for open citations, etc.

Webinar 5: Journal Indexing, other Publishing Platforms related Issues with Breakouts for OJS, AJOL and SciELO South Africa

Speakers and facilitators: Bessem Aamira (CNUDST), Iryna Kuchma (EIFL), Lena Nyahodza (UCT), Louise van Heerden (ASSAf - SciELO SA), Susan Murray (AJOL) and Ina Smith (ASSAf). Presentations and discussions in English and French languages.

Webinar 6: Addressing Predatory Publishing Issues

Tom Olijhoek (DOAJ), Susan Veldsman (ASSAf) and African editors will explain how they are implementing strong quality screening policies and workflows.

Webinar 7: New Ways to Assess the Quality of Science and Scientists and the Role of African Open Access Journals

Tom Olijhoek (DOAJ) and Thomas Mboa (University of Yaoundé II) will emphasize current DORA developments to advance practical and robust approaches to research assessment and the role African open access journals play in this process.